At Canna Mechanical we maintenance all Ac units and heating units. We can set up routine or monthly visits to change filters and maintain your equipment and make sure everything is flowing correctly and efficiently.

  • Minisplit Heating and air conditioning systems
  • Heating and air conditioners
    • Residential HVAC Systems
    • Light Commercial HVAC Systems
    • Heavy Commercial HVAC Systems
  • Carbon Filters and Scrubbers
  • Commercial Dehumidifiers
  • Commercial Fans
  • Co2 Burners
  • And everything in between!
Old filter that needs be changed

this is when you need to change your filter


We recommend you keep up maintenance continuously  to ensure the optimal operation of all equipment in your rooms. Neglecting to service your units, especially your air conditioners, can result in malfunction and costly repairs.We offer flexible packages ranging from one time services to annual service contracts lasting up to five years. We offer the option of doing monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual contracts. Service contracts can be created to fit any specific need, such as monthly filter changes. We will also do unit inspections of heating and air conditioners, swamp coolers an mini splits.

Generally, air filters should be replaced every thirty days and all units should be inspected and cleaned every ninety days. With the purchase of our service contracts we will gladly come out and maintenance all of your equipment with our extensive maintenance and inspection routine.We will also show you how you can keep up on maintaining a cleaner environment to help the efficiency of the filters and units.

Pro Tip

Maintaining your air systems is very crucial and helps the longevity of the equipment. Did you know that the Indoor air can be 1 to 6 times more polluted than outdoor air; in regards to indoor cultivation rooms can be much greater? Well its true, inside air is filthy and will plug a system up if you do not change the filters every 30 days.Atmospheric dust, airborne particulates can include pollen, mold spores, human and animal dander, bugs, insects, chemicals, pesticides, nutrients, bacteria and viruses.

Regular maintenance is a cost effective way to minimize the high cost of premature failure of equipment, extensive cleanings on; ducts air handling units, dehumidifiers, and carbon scrubbers. Regular maintenance will not only save money on repairs and problems in the future but it immediately offers savings directly related to you’re utility bill. In regards to you’re utility bill by having you’re equipment maintenanced the cost savings is dramatically reduced.Your equipment will run more proficient of the are cleaned and maintenance often.