At Canna Mechanical we aim for greatness, it is our number one priority to fully ensure that your grow room is of the top-notch standards. Our skilled team of workers will construct every aspect of your grow room to satisfy your needs.Our team is dedicated to full fill and complete every installation of all the works in a timely and efficient manner to help get you started right away

We will build you a team of specialists who are experienced with every aspect of cannabis contracting. From plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, and all required hardware and equipment. Canna Mechanical can do it all. We always strive for efficiency, and with our team of licensed professionals we will build your grow room in the timeliest manner possible.

Our team of expert contractors will provide the installation of HVAC Units, electrical, instillation of light fixtures, framing, drywall, construction of tables, and irrigation/plumbing.

Like i said whatever you need we can do it.Our team is dedicated to building the perfect grow room, and do it as proficiently and time efficient as possible.