When it comes time to building a grow room Canna Mechanical knows best. Our team of expert contractors, architects, engineers and growing specialists will assist you in designing a grow room.It will fit to your specific needs. This company  specializes in designing vegetation rooms; cultivation rooms, drying rooms, trim rooms, and cloning rooms. Our team will  analyze and asses your desired growing facility, to create the most effective and efficient grow room to produce optimal yield in your unique space. We have created rooms ranging from 2 lights, to over 1,000 lights, no space is too big or too small for us to design. When Starting with a Cannabis grow room; picking a building size and location is crucial first step of the project.Our team will then Design the perfect layout for your grow room.

After a location has been selected, we will analyze your desired growing facility to create the most effective and efficient grow rooms. This helps  to produce optimal yield within your unique space.Once a building has been built;  there are many questions and concerns that start to come up. Some of the most frequent questions that are asked are;

  1. what kind of lighting should i use?
  2. What kind of fans and ventilation should I have?
  3. Should I have compressed CO2 or CO2 burner systems?

When determining all of this, it is very important to work with a qualified individual who has an extensive amount of knowledge in design like our team does.We are here to help make the best decisions for regarding your situation.